Winter hiking

Enjoying slow movement

What makes winter especially wonderful? These are
the special moments you can treat yourself to,
so your soul can soar, and you can unwind and enjoy.

Winter hiking trails

Perhaps this means a romantic walk in the snowy, glistening winter wonderland of one of the five side valleys in Gerlos.

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Gerlos meadow path

The hike on the Gerlos Wiesenweg path begins in the community of Innertal at the car park by the Isskogel valley terminal. Before Krumbach bridge, the road leads left past Landhaus Platzer. After ca. 100 m, the paved road turns right. Following the Gerlos Wiesenweg path uphill, you will easily reach the "Rösslalm" snack station in about an hour.

From here, a marked hiking path takes us in around 40 min. over gentle meadows past the  "Isskogel" summit terminal to the "Latschenalm" snack station.

The Schwarzachtal

To "acclimatize", so to speak, we recommend the Schwarzachtal. From your accommodations, you can walk on practically flat terrain towards Gerlos Gmünd, past the Gmünd reservoir, and from there continue to Gasthof Kühle Rast. Here, you will go through a narrow belt of forest and then slowly uphill.

For about an hour, you will walk in the narrow, romantic valley along the banks of the Schwarzach - then at the 1,400 m high Schwarzachalm snack station, you can enjoy a well-deserved plate of apple strudel! The less experienced can hike via hiking path no. 8 up to the Obere Schwarzachalm, while those that are surefooted can hike on the hiking trail further into the valley. And for really skilled alpinists, you can hike on a mountain path up to the 2,475 m high Schwarzachscharte.

The Wimmertal

The Wimmertal is also a rather leisurely option. Here, you will again take the forest path along the Gerlosbach to Gerlos-Gmünd. At Hotel Kröller, the path will become somewhat steeper. With an easy walk past the Eggehtenalm, you will reach the Wimmertalalm snack station after a half hour on hiking path no. 6.

Via the Grundlochalm, Jagdhütte, and Grundhütte, even less experienced hikers can climb to an altitude of 1,760 m. After this, mountain path no. 6 (marked in black) will lead more experienced hikers up to the over 2,500 m high Wimmerscharte.

The Schönachtal

The gently rising hiking path no. 5 into the Schönachtal begins at Gasthof Oberwirt. After a short stop at the Stinkmoosalm, where there is a wonderful view deep into the valley, you will reach the Lackenalm snack station (1,400 m high) in about an hour.

If you aren't an alpinist, but are good on your feet and equipped with appropriate footwear, you can hike along the hiking path that begins here - past the Issalm and Pasteinalm - to an elevation of 2,000 m. Here, you will be rewarded by a splendid view of the mighty Schönachkees glacier.

The Krummbachtal

The easy hike into the "thumb" of the five side valleys, the Krummbachtal, could also easily be called the "snack tour". A total of three staffed huts, including our goal the Krummbachrast, are awaiting the active vacationer along path no. 2. From the parking lot of the Isskogelbahn lift, our path leads past the Almstüberl to the Prölleralm turn-off - a rustic alpine hut.

Next, making our way along a brook, we will reach the "Krummbachrast" snack station, where physically fit hikers can climb via the Nöckentalalm up to the "Isskogel" summit station.

The Wildgerlostal

Another beautiful, peaceful tour (3 hrs.) is the lake hike around the Gerlos water sports center of Durlaßboden reservoir. Beginning at the restaurant on the crest of the dam, the Seestüberl, the path leads along the left bank of the lake to the entrance of the Wildgerlostal. Here, you will switch over to a paved path and head towards Alpengasthof Finkau.

From here, you hike past Leitenkammerklamm gorge to the picturesquely situated Zittauer Hütte (2,329 m) on the Wildgerlossee. Or, you can enjoy a snack at Gasthof Finkau - with an impressive view of the up to 3,300 m high peaks of the Reichenspitz group - and then walk along the shore of the lake via the Bärschlagalm snack station back to the dam and the Seestüberl. At the foot of the dam crest is the car park, or you can cross the main road and follow the path through the Innertal back to Gerlos.