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On the scent of animals

Hunting is the most native way to be close to nature. Red deer, chamois, roe deer, groundhogs and blackcocks are just a couple of species that are indigenous in the Zillertal Alps.
The professional hunters of the hunting area of Gerlos know far more about the animals in the mountains of Gerlos. They are willing to inform you about hunting and accompany you when going deerstalking. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer joining a nature-watch-tour to see stags and other animals, or if you are planning to hunt or if you are eager to learn how to do it, the hunt in Gerlos is the right choice for everyone, who would like to get in close touch with nature.

The hunting area Gerlos in the Zillertal in the Tyrol

The hunting area Gerlos is made up of 9000 hectares and is located between 1230 metres and 3303 metres of altitude between the valleys Wimmertal, Schönachtal and Krummbachtal. Everyone who is on the hunt in Gerlos will find spruce forests, Swiss pine forests, fertile alp meadows and stunning glacier landscapes. The hunting area Gerlos offers a well structured road network in the woods for exploring the area even better. In the original and traditional hunting cottage is always something going on and you will find yourself in the centre of a cosy get-together while enjoying a typical Tyrolean snack.

Hunting season in Gerlos in the Zillertal

The hunt’s aim is to preserve natural population and to protect the biodiversity in the woods. Therefore the hunting law has released hunting dates for animals in Gerlos. Before and after these dates animals must be protected and hunting is strictly forbidden.

  • Chamois: Shooting from 1st of August
  • Red deer: Shooting from 1st of June (stags) / from 1st of August(stag animals)
  • Roe deer: Shooting from 1st of June
  • - Groundhogs: Shooting from 15th of August

End of shooting time for all animals: 29th of September.
For further and more detailed information ask our hotel staff or go to: jagd.gerlos.at